I draw paint the landscape around my home on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales.

I spent many years in America and when I moved back home in 2012, I found myself newly inspired by the intense connection I felt with my home county of Yorkshire. The stones, the sky, the plants and the animals all seemed to be breathing with and through me, so that I felt alive in a completely new way.

I felt compelled to paint as a response. But I am interested in more than representing the landscape that surrounds me.

My work focuses on the interplay between the external and internal landscape. What I’m feeling affects what I see, and I seek to convey both.

Recently, my paintings have become increasingly abstract. While inspired by real places, they are painted from memory and imagination. I work intuitively, building layer after layer of colour and often adding collage components. I paint with brushes, palette knives, twigs, my fingers, tissues … basically anything that comes to hand. Some paintings happen quickly, others emerge over a period of time, but I always know they are finished when I look at the canvas and see my emotions reflected back at me.