No More Cows!

A few years ago, I became fascinated with cows. I photographed them, talked to them, painted them, and drew them. It was great fun and people liked them. They proved it by handing over their hard-earned money.

It would be easy to just keep painting the same subject given its popularity, but I’ve never been able to do that. A new interest takes over from the old one and I move on. And I think that’s important. I don’t think it’s positive to keep doing the same thing just because it’s familiar and easy.

I’m now fully immersed in creating abstract, experimental landscapes and this work is taking all my attention and energy. As a result, I have finally admitted to myself that my cow paintings are a thing of the past. I won’t be exhibiting them anymore, or offering them for sale online in the future.

Have you ever made a decision like that? To leave behind something you know you do well? It’s liberating but scary at the same time. I am a novice at my new chosen subject and I struggle daily. But I truly believe that the struggle is the point – that making art is a journey not a destination.

So it’s goodbye cows!

Having made that decision, I’ve had a clear-out – I need the storage space! – and I am now selling a number of my cow portraits at bargain prices.

If you were one of the lovely people who enjoyed those paintings, do have a look at my ebay shop. You might find your favourite for sale and – as I’m donating a portion of the proceeds to Hillside Animal Sanctuary – you can snag yourself a bargain and do some good at the same time.


  1. Sandra Matteotti
    September 29, 2017

    I can imagine that this isn’t easy at all. Even if you aren’t the person to keep habits a lifetime to avoid stepping out of our comfortzone, it is a door you close. You step out of a room to enter a new one, an exciting one, not yet knowing what you’ll find there.

    As a cow-lover I love your cows but I am looking forward to your next projects. I know that feeling too good: You know, you have to move on, you know, that’s not your way anymore. In German we have this expression “mit einem lachenden und einem weinenden Auge” (means: one eye is laughing, one eye is whining).

    Hermann Hesse wrote: There’s magic in every beginning (Jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne).

    I hope you can enjoy this magic and live it!

    • Louise Fletcher
      September 29, 2017

      So true Sandra. I think most things that are worth doing are a little bit frightening. The trick is to do them anyway. Sometimes I succeed at that, sometimes I fail. Let’s hope this is one of the good times!


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